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The Animal Communication Training Course is a comprehensive online program that provides learners with skills to communicate with animals of different specie The course covers various topics and includes audio modules, PDF summaries, and unlimited access. Upon completion, students receive a recognized certificate and have access to a private group and forum. The program is available for $145 with a 30-day money back guarantee.



Scholistico · November 10, 2022

Become an Animal Communication Practitioner with’s Animal Communication Training

Although it may seem mysterious to some, there is an intuitive communication between humans and animals. This communication, which goes beyond words, uses a faculty that we are not always used to.

To become an animal communication practitioner is to learn this intuitive communication. It requires accepting to devote your soul, your heart and your time to the well-being of animals. It also requires to create a privileged link with them in order to understand and then transmit their messages in an ethical and respectful way to the people concerned.

An animal communication practitioner helps the animal kingdom to live better in collaboration with humans and create more understanding and harmony between all living kingdoms.

Benefits of animal communication

With specialized training in animal communication, one has the tools, techniques and skills to solve problems with animals. Whether the animal is dying, ill, has behavioral problems or is having emotional difficulties, animal communication allows you to get in touch with it to resolve the concern.

Animal communication is an ideal skill for anyone who wishes to communicate telepathically with their own animals or, in a professional setting, with other animals.

This skill can be used in several sectors related to animals: dog behavior, animal shelters, farms, grooming, stables, care centers, pet stores, boarding facilities, etc. Animal communication can, in this sense, be seen as a complementary tool to your practice.

Animal communication training – : the structure

The structure of the training to become an Animal Communication Specialist includes modules such as:

  • Telepathic communication: how to practice telepathic communication with animals; tips and tricks for overcoming obstacles to telepathic communication, etc.
  • Meditation for Animal Communicators: to learn about and understand the effects of meditation on the body and mind; to use meditation in the service of animal communication practice
  • The neuroanatomy of animal telepathic communication: to visualize the biomechanics of brain-to-brain communication, …
  • Advanced animal communication skills: end-of-life communication with the animal, …
  • Holding conversations with animals: asking questions of animals; thinking with the animal mind

The training is entirely online and you have access to downloadable audio modules for life with unlimited access. 

Accreditation bodies

The IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine) and the CMA (Complementary Medical Association) are the international organizations that accredit They guarantee the quality of the content offered by the online training platform.

The price of animal communication training

The Animal Communication Specialist course is available at a promotional price of €145 instead of the regular price of €595. In addition, you benefit from a 30-day money back guarantee.

Now is the perfect time to take this training and learn the basics of becoming an animal communication practitioner. 

Pros and cons

  • You obtain a certificate of completion in animal communication
  • You have unlimited access to the content of the training course at any time
  • You can work at your own pace from any connected terminal
  • You integrate a forum and a dedicated private group
  • You can exercise a right of refund which is guaranteed for 30 days

Frequently asked questions

What is the Animal Communication Specialist training?

This is a comprehensive online training course that teaches you how to become an animal communicator.

What should I do if I lose my login information?

Simply send a request from your email address to [email protected].

However, it is strongly advised to write down your communication identifiers to have access to them in case of an incident.

What equipment is used for training?

The training is based on high quality teaching material that includes audio recordings, enriched text and explanatory images. All of this information is available online.

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