Mission Statement and Vision

Our mission is to pioneer the way online education businesses market their products. Our long-term vision is to help create lucrative companies by tapping into their full potential through continuous systematization and optimization of marketing, processes, technologies, partnerships and localization.

Our philosophy

Create IMMENSELY valuable products & services while asking for much less in return

SolutionLabs is our way to transfer our products, services, trainings, resources, tips, and tools to help you start and grow your online education business.  

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Driving technology for leading brands

Dear Online Course Business Owner,

I know what it’s like to be an online course entrepreneur.

Before I learned how to compound the results of all my successful marketing material, I struggled from the exact same problems that you’re struggling with today.

You invest the time to create something great, to crack the code that will make your business growth explode. 

You plan carefully.

Only to execute your plan,



Where is the flood of customers waiting to buy what you worked so hard to create?

Where are the profits that you set out to double this year?

This is the biggest problem facing online course business owners today.

You’re a great educator, as evidenced by the current success of your courses. 

But finding enough customers to generate massive amounts of cash flow and reap HUGE rewards and influence, that’s another story. 

After cracking that code over and over for my clients, I started to develop the EduScale process.

The process that you are about to learn. 

The process that allowed my team and I to launch $4M in sales of courses in 2020 alone. 

All in different industries.

All with completely different types of customers.

And because I’m passionate about online education, it’s time to take this process to you.

I want all educators to learn how to MAXIMIZE their online course sales.

I can’t wait to help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals, together.

Charles Lapointe

Our Team

Charles Lapointe


Justin Delli Colli


François Tchiakpè

Marketing assistant