What does the IPHM do?
Based in England, the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) is an accreditation organization created to provide the general public and health care providers with qualified professionals who all hold accredited degrees. The IPHM is an awarding body that accepts properly qualified therapists. The goal of the IPHM is to set standards and support practitioners of integrative therapies.

What services does the IPHM provide?
The IPHM allows training providers and therapists who offer a wide range of different therapies to be united under one umbrella. They are no longer forced to pay for specialized and expensive representative bodies. The IPHM ensures the professionalization of its members in order to give potential consultants confidence in the competence of practitioners and training organizations. It also takes care of the accreditation of therapists and independent training providers. The IPHM offers the largest list of approved modalities in the world for complementary, holistic, beauty, spiritual and natural therapies. Through the HPI you can become a recognized accredited training provider or a certified therapist/practitioner.

Why become a member of the IPHM?
Becoming a member of the IPHM will truly be a great asset for you. Indeed, the IPHM collaborates with many therapists from various origins: UK, Europe, USA, China, Canada, Australia...

Thanks to this center :

  1. You are recognized as a professional in your field.
  2. Your activity or training has a very good reputation thanks to the IPHM logo which certifies your activities, thus reassuring the public about the quality of your services.
  3. You can publish your articles or blogs on the IPHM website and enjoy a better visibility;
  4. You can promote your company using the IPHM logo.
  5. You integrate a large community of other therapists or training providers who share the same professional goals as you.
  6. You can promote your own workshops or events for free each month. This saves you money on your advertising budget.
  7. You get discounts on certain products and iptv subscription insurance;
  8. Being a member of the IPHM also entitles you to many other very interesting benefits.

Who can become a member of the IPHM?
The IPHM welcomes therapists and trainers from all over the world. Would you like to become a member of the IPHM?

Here are a few criteria to meet in order to be part of this community. First and foremost, you must have a qualification in a field of their choice. Here are the two eligible member profiles:

Training providers who have written their own courses or who train for the benefit of a company or franchise.
Sub-educators who wish to obtain a globally recognized certification.

How do I get accredited by the IPHM?

Here is the process to follow in order to obtain the IPHM accreditation:

Step One: Complete the application form

The form includes a list of relevant questions that will allow the IPHM to gather more information about the different therapy modules you offer.

Step Two: Apply for Membership

If you are able to offer professional services such as hands-on therapies, you can apply for membership.

If you already have a qualification from an IPHM-approved training provider, your application is guaranteed to be validated. In this case, please remember to use the reference number or name of the training provider in question when completing the form.

Accreditations are granted by international holistic medicine practitioners who have reviewed and evaluated the courses provided by members. This includes accepting and approving training methods or therapies according to the level of membership requested.

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